Beavers find a new rhythm

Written By: cfrench - Sep• 20•14

The DuBois Beavers had a rough start to Friday's game with Erie Cathedral Prep. The tri-state all star squad had more big guns than the Beavers could match up with rolling to a 51-21 victory over DuBois' best. The squad started slow after an opening kickoff that was returned for a touchdown, followed by an interception on the Beaver's first possession. Prep had several several successful scoring drives before the Beavers could find their rhythm. The defense began to sway the Beavers luck with a fumble recovery by Meighen and a pick by Paulinellie. Under heavy pressure all night French picked up the pace of the passing game and the chains began to move. The Beavers found pay dirt three times following multiple quick catches by Nick LaBrasca, and grabs by Kevin Foley and Cole Kriner that ended up inside the 5 yard line. Chad O'Donnell finshed off the two drives and the Beavers had found their stride. French continued to lead the Beavers methodically down the field finding his tight end, Dawson, and the Kriner in the endzone to end the scoring at 51-21. The Beavers now travel to Punxsutawney to play the Chucks for the 100 time. It is a week the squad needs badly to get healthy following four tough fought games to start the season.



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Get your popcorn!

Written By: cfrench - Sep• 19•14

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Tough Loss for the Beavers

Written By: Beaver Swami - Sep• 14•14

Running back Devin Clark was driving the Express this week with an outstanding 252 yards and 5 touchdown.  Clark picked up the pace when Conneaut Area was able to shutdown the Beavers passing attack.  Devin carried the Beavers into overtime where the team lost a heartbreaker 36-35 when the Eagle’s went for two, derailing the Beavers dreams of dramatic OT win.

The DuBois Defense looked improved Friday with several key stops throughout the game.  Caleb Meighen, Robert Zillhaver, and the Petersons were able to control the point of attack and put pressure on Merrit most of the night but the Eagles QB was able to escape the pocket and make big plays when he needed to.  The Beaver Express was unable to get moving Friday as a combination of a lockdown secondary, sacks, miscues, dropped passes, errand throws and holding penalties, added up to an emotionaly frustrating evening for the team.  Timing was the key to disrupting the DuBois passing attack.  Conneaut was able to get quick pressure on French before his wide receivers could get into their routes and the Eagle’s secondary was stellar in giving no separation to the Beaver receivers.  French’s night was reduced to running read option with Clark to slow but steadily move the chains.  The running attack was able to bring stability to the night as the Beavers traded in their Ferrari for a pickup truck.

The pivotal series in the game came late in the 4th quarter when the Beavers had four shots from inside ten yard line, two of which were placed inside the one.  Conneaut stacked the middle each attempt and DuBois called dive, dive, dive and dive.  The Eagles stopped Clark on all four shots to stay alive.  Late in regulation Marco DeSantis picked off Merrit to give French and the offense the ball back.  French wasted little time going deep to Paulinellie who was controversially called out of bounds on a play.  The completion would have had DuBois inside the 25 and close to field goal range with sufficient time to move the ball closer or score a touchdown.

In overtime the Beavers won the toss and took the ball.  Running off tackle Clark walked into the  end zone.  The point after was good but 7 would not be enough.  Conneaut would score on the ensuing 10 yard drive and convert on a two point conversion by baiting the Beavers into blitzing off the corner and throwing to the open man.  However crushing the loss Coach Varischetti’s team showed great resolve during the game and the Defense improved dramatically as the game progressed.   It also became clear that Jared Meinert had settled in as the place-kicker as he proved to be very accurate and consistent under pressure. In addition Coach V had to be pleased with the evolution of his read option running attack after Clark, O’Donnel and French’s execution of the running game Friday evening.  DuBois has its work cut out for itself this week as they travel to Erie to take on PIAA contender Cathedral Prep.

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Region V Showdown 7PM

Written By: cfrench - Sep• 12•14

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Balance of Power

Written By: Beaver Swami - Sep• 07•14

The Friday night lights were smoking hot as the Beavers traveled to Meadville for a humid 85 degree kickoff at Bender Field. The Beaver Express demonstrated a great deal of balance with eight different players finding pay dirt on the evening. Dante Dawson led all receivers with 2 touchdowns, Bryson Paulinellie, Kevin Foley, Cole Kriner and Zach Sloan all found the goal line once.  Devin Clark and Gabe French both rushed for a touchdown on the way to a DuBois 56-24 win over the Bulldogs.  Gabe French completed 75 % of his passes 5 of which found their way to his fantastic four.  Drew Bankovich cleaned up the mess when he found Zach Sloan for his first varsity touchdown as a wide receiver.  French’s 357 yards passing kept the Bulldogs on their heels as Paulinellie and Foley had 100 yard nights and Dawson’s 94 wasn’t far behind.

One of the problems with the Beaver Express’ breakneck pace is that the D never gets a break.  On a very hot humid night Pasternak used a platoon of linebackers, linemen, and secondary to slow a very strong Meadville running attack.  It was a battle in the trenches for the Petersons, Meighen, and Zillhaver.  Quick Beaver scoring and a mixture of Meadville’s big back and an assortment of speed made for a long night of work for the Beaver Bigs. The line backing core lead by Clark and McKay had a physically demanding evening slowing down a ground and pound offense that sprinkled in passes when needed. Adam Bankovich and Wes Russel did a great job of applying pressure on the edge while sophomore Noah Shaffer looked solid in middle relief, provided just enough of a speed bump to allow the Beaver Express to roll away from Bender Field with the victory.  This week the Express is coming home for a showdown with undefeated Conneaut Area. Game time 7pm.  Get your ticket and we’ll bring the popcorn, this ones going to be good! The good guys will finally be wearing black.

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Iron Age

Written By: Beaver Swami - Sep• 03•14

The dawning of the third age of man saw nations depart from casts of bronze and step into the billowing fires of the blacksmith.  The smith’s hammer would mold new alloys into innovative weapons and tools that would provide soldiers with a tactical advantage on the battlefield.   The introduction of steel lightened the load and forged stronger armaments and clothing.  These innovations meant that a modern army could cover greater distances in shorter periods of time.  Lighter yet hardened, steel permitted the cavalry to integrate their tactics with a more maneuverable infantry, becoming a sledge hammer on the battle field.  This speed of tactics would rule the day like a no huddle offense.

Rising like the fires of a blacksmith’s furnace the Beaver Express has developed a tactical advantage over its opponents.  Varischetti  has both the look and the patients of a blacksmith from the age of iron.  He has pounded a group of infantry into hardened steel and has developed a cavalry unit that strikes fear in the lines of his enemy.   In the face of the phalanx the opposition stands tall and proud but their thoughts are not on what stands in front of them.  Instead they are preoccupied with the threat that lingers just out of sight on their flank, or is it to their rear.

Meadville has had time to dig in prior to the arrival of the Beaver Express.  A season ago their trench like approach to the game traded blows with DuBois using a potent running attack to answer each of DuBois’ touchdowns.  Slowly but steadily the speed of the Beaver offense took the field from the Bulldogs and offensive records fell in the wake. 

This season will be different.  Meadville still has their ground and pound mentality but a desire to pass also exists in its infancy.  An always stout Meadville defense and an improved offense offer a unique challenge for the blacksmith.  Challenged to raise the heat a bit, the smith simply pumps the billow and the temperature turns white hot, a color and temperature the Beavers are very comfortable with.   The Swami sees all and he sees white once more.  The Beavers will take what Meadville gives them and that means a big night for the running game.  Eventually the Bulldogs will be forced to creep back into their box and the Beaver Express will turn white hot.   As for the DuBois Defense it will continue to improve week by week and the trip north will be evidence of their growth.   The Swami likes DuBois in a balanced attack 57-27.

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Secret Service

Written By: cfrench - Sep• 02•14

With all of the attention to the Beaver signal caller and the outstanding play by Bryson Paulinellie and Cole Kriner on Friday’s victory over Mifllin County it’s easy to overlook the battle in the trenches.  French however knows who butters his bread and he’s not going to let it go unnoticed.  The Beaver Secret Service kept the QB upright and the chains moving at Lewistown and Monday they were treated to 2lbs of Beef at Denny’s in Clearfield.  Joe Peterson finished the challenge and earned a spot on the wall of fame making the Beaver faithful proud.

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Beaver Express rolls out!

Written By: Beaver Swami - Aug• 31•14

Well the DuBois Beaver Express is rolling.  Favored by many, Mifflin County was shell shocked Friday by a near perfect performance by the Beaver offense. Mifflin County opened the game with several successful scoring drives but each time Quarterback Gabe French would answer with a methodical balanced attack taking full advantage of an all star cast of Paulinellie, Kriner, Foley, Dawson and Clark.  The Beavers were never rattled as they found pay dirt a staggering 9 times, punting only once under French’s leadership.  Linebacker Dorian McKay gave the Beavers the advantage with two fumble recoveries which broke the Huskies’ serve.  French’s crew would take full advantage of the mistakes rolling to a 61-38 victory in  their opener.

Any questions about the offensive line were answered Friday night  as Peterson, Zillhaver, Luther, Pasternak and Foradora kept French’s jersey clean giving up only one sack against a strong Husky defensive line.  On the other side of the ball, the defense was faced with  a short field at their back on several occasions but forced Mifflin County to work for their 38 points.  They demonstrated strong resolve just before half by holding Mifflin County to a field goal despite knocking on the goal line door.

Mifflin County had a solid offensive performance, but French’s strong accurate arm and Varischetti’s play calling would keep the Huskies reeling all evening.  French’s 8 touchdown night would find Paulinellie for 4 TDs, Kriner for 2TDs, and Foley for 1 TD,  while rushing for 97 yards and yet another score.  His 19-23 for 407 yards passing can be attributed to a team that has incredible balance, talent and unity.  Power running back Devin Clark would keep the express rolling all night by moving the chains and forcing Mifflin County to respect the run. Shifty Chad O’Donnel would serve up the night-capper with 25 yd run to paydirt to close out the evening’s scoring. The Express pulls out Friday on the way to Meadville for a D10 offensive showdown with the a stout Bulldog squad.


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At Meadville Friday 7PM

Written By: Beaver Swami - Aug• 29•14

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Written By: Beaver Swami - Aug• 27•14

I have few memories as vivid as Friday night football.  Like a boundless work of art it is painted on the canvas of the mind carrying me for a moment back to my childhood. Within the last throes of summer each year, the great masterpiece is framed by an emerald sky harmoniously permeated by the illumination of stadium lights. The aroma of fresh cut grass, popcorn and hotdogs fills the cool evening air interrupted momentarily by the fog of a slow exhale.  The senses invite us on a journey back in time as ageless fight songs played by shiny brass horns and deep base drums lift the spirit higher.   With the first glimpse of the newly lined gridiron the heart races with excitement.  On the great stage the purity of the away jerseys stands out like sunshine upon freshly fallen snow, causing spectators to gaze in wonder and small boys to dream. The DuBois Beavers find themselves on the road in four of their first five games so white is a shade they must become comfortable with.  It is a color of atonement for the Beavers who have shed their black jerseys of a year ago and with them the memories of bookend defeats at the hands of Mifflin County. Having come full circle, on August 29th the Beavers have a date with redemption as they travel to nostalgic Mitchell Field to kickoff the 2014 season.

The short history of this matchup has been fought and won in the trenches by veteran players.  On paper the Huskies appear to have the advantage on the line with the Beavers having lost 7 starters on both sides of the ball.  However the Beaver bigs will be led by the Peterson twins, Zillhaver, Meighen, and Luther all of which have Varsity experience despite the graduation of so many.  The group will be joined by underclassmen newcomers Pasternak and Foradora who will get their first test on Friday. Running back Devin Clark will get the bulk of the carries with O’donnell giving the Huskies a change of pace.  DuBois will try to establish a running game to complement Varischetti’s fast paced passing attack and the Swami believes some new twists might prove to be difficult to stop.  The receiving core is solid as burner Bryson Paulinellie returns to lead Kriner, Dawson, and Foley on a scoring frenzy in 2014.   The orchestra is well balanced and they have the perfect conductor in Quarterback Gabe French.  French’s strong arm and experience will give the Huskies a lot to think about on Friday night.  On the other side of the ball DuBois is led by veterans Adam Bankovich at LB and DT Brad Peterson at the point of attack. The group will be accompanied by a platoon of veterans and newcomers that will attempt to make a name for themselves in week 1.

There is always a large amount of uncertainty at the start of a new season with graduation, injuries, and weather.  The Swami however sees all and his vision is made clear by the light. White will take Mitchell Field like a blizzard on Friday slowly building in strength as the game rolls on.  The Huskies will experience sporadic success on both sides of the ball but the whiteout conditions will favor the Beaver offense.   Swami likes the Beavers in a slow steady accumulation of points. DuBois 33 Mifflin County 27.

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