David vs. Goliath

Written By: Beaver Swami - Nov• 02•16

Round 1…
David vs Goliath appears to be the theme of the week for the tree shredders, and father time will be the deciding factor; time for routes to develop. History has shown that Goliath can be defeated with two ingredients – heart and desire. It will take both as the underdog Beavers head south to take on the Trojans of Greater Johnstown. The “experts” have all but written off our Beavers and are foretelling the next round without our furry warriors as participants. Some teams choose an easier regular season path to the playoffs, we choose tough opponents, and so does Johnstown. This week, the Swami will not guess at the score, rather he will simply say, “go get ‘em boys, leave it all on the field!”
And finally boys, remember this and sports writers take note:


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Wrap it up in the jungle, the Swami will take it!

Written By: Beaver Swami - Oct• 25•16

The closing of the 2016 regular season is upon us, and our pond builders will travel to the Hollidaysburg jungle and face the Golden Tigers. Fresh off a hard fought victory against the #6 ranked Newport Buffaloes, the Beaver express is anxious to close out the season on a winning note and head to the playoffs. Last week, the buck tooth bandits showed they can overcome adversity and mistakes, regroup and keep the fight alive as they exploded in the second half to claim victory against the previously unbeaten Buffaloes. The defense was especially in tune accounting for several critical stops, including an interception by Caleb Webster to kill Newport’s final drive, and allowed the offense to do what they do best – put up points!
Hollidaysburg has other plans for our furry warriors. Their final game coincides with senior night, and the soon to be graduates have no intention of disappointing the home crowd in their final regular season game! The Tigers are led by their senior captain and quarterback Jarrett Cavalet who is a clear dual threat. Through week 8, he has amassed 230 rushing yards, 670 passing yards and owns a 70% completion percentage. Their ground pounders include running backs Patrick Young and Corey Storm who have cranked out 885 yards.
And now for the Beaver express – junior receiver Kyle Hopson and quarterback Matt Miller seem to have a good thing going this year. Hopson is currently leading the state in receiving yards (1,330) and averages just shy of 148 yards per game. He has already broken the school single season receiving record and is only 152 yards shy of the District 9 record. When opponents manage to cover Kyle, it frees up the corps of juniors Kenny Garvey, Buddy Lines and sophomores Dylan McCluskey and Jake Lamorte – all 4 are having outstanding seasons. After missing the first 3 games, Miller has quietly worked his way up to the #14 spot in the state for passing yards (1,725) and currently leads the state in passing yards per game (287.5). One of the Beavers most versatile players, senior Braden Paulenellie, is expected to return for the first round of the playoffs as well. Running backs Brock Adams and Dalton Kruzelak are the dual threat ground pounders combining for 1,177 hard fought yards. All of this made possible by the big fellas up front led by Seniors Ryan Pasternak and Drew Buskirk!
The Tigers will fight the good fight, but in the end the Swami sees the tree shredders emerging from the jungle victorious! DuBois 42, Hollidaysburg 28.

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Into the Central PA unknown…

Written By: Beaver Swami - Oct• 19•16

After getting back on track by defeating the Knights, the furry gridiron gang will head deep into Central Pennsylvania to face a new foe – the Buffaloes from Newport, PA who are currently ranked 6th in the state for class AA by PA football news.
What to expect: A natural grass field that appears to merge with the baseball field making one end zone the all dirt baseball infield (let’s hope for no rain!!); an unorthodox defense that is in constant motion prior to the snap and a strong, powerful running game complimented by a solid passing attack.
The Beavers are busy studying and game planning – the defense is cutting trees; building a corral to herd and contain the Buffaloes. The Beaver offense express has enjoyed a solid ground game led by Brock Adams and Dalton Kruzelak to compliment the well-known aerial attack. Quarterback Matt Miller is healthy and mobile; regaining his elusiveness in the pocket is a welcome sight and he has been able to spread the ball around to several receivers led by Junior Kyle Hopson.
The questions and the unknowns will be answered under the Friday night lights, but the Swami believes in the buck tooth bandits – DuBois 35, Newport 28

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JV Game against Grove City update

Written By: DuBois Football - Oct• 10•16

The JV game against Grove City is at 4 and at Forker Field 116 E Poplar St Grove city. It is at the high school.

Directions are 80 W exit 24 toward Grove City/ Sandy Lake Left onto PA-173 Sandy Lake Left onto PA -173 /PA-208/ Erie St Take 1st left onto S Center St/ PA-173s /PA 208 S Left onto W Main St/ PA-173/ 208/58 Turn right onto Walnut S Turn right E Poplar St Stadium is 1 block behind Middle School

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Up To The Challenge…

Written By: Beaver Swami - Oct• 04•16

As the second half of the regular season gets into full swing, our furry warriors begin preparations for some tough opponents. After surviving dragon attacks the past 2 weeks, they must now prepare for an aerial assault from the Eagles of Grove City.
The Eagles are ranked 3rd in the WPA Football class 5A rankings for a reason, they are fast and flat out good. QB Kameron Patterson is currently the top passer in D10, Region 5 boasting 1368 passing yards, a 73.8 completion percentage and a 147.5 QBR. Senior receiver A.J. Turner is their top pass catcher with 629 yards on 22 receptions – he is a deep ball threat, and a force defensively at middle linebacker. If that wasn’t enough fire power, add in running backs Cordell Sanders and Jahmeer Jordan for good measure.
Consistency will be the key to success for the pond builders. They must find a way to repeat the defensive efforts displayed against Clearfield, Oil City, Warren and Allderdice. With senior lineman Ryan Pasternak back on both sides of the ball, both lines are anchored but the secondary will have to contend with Mr. Turner. On offense, the buck tooth bandits were a bit frustrated against Allderdice. The Dragons speedy corners effectively shut down the long ball and they used a 7 man rush to overpower the O-Line. Mistakes were the theme of the second half, but the defensive effort ensured that 29 points would be enough to claim victory. As good as Grove City is, let’s not forget that the Beavers have a host of offensive weapons at their disposal, including the leading receiver in the state, and the defense just shut down a 6A team.
The Swami feels that if offensive mistakes are at a minimum and the defense plays fast and furious, then the pond builders will emerge victorious. DuBois 35, Grove City 31

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Another Fire Breather…

Written By: Beaver Swami - Sep• 28•16

After a complete annihilation of the Warren Dragons, Dragons from the south will head to E.J. Mansell Stadium this week in an attempt to regain reptilian honor. As their Warren brethren rebuild their lair, the Allderdice Dragons have assembled a team of quickness and speed. They have undoubtedly studied the mistakes their northern cousins made and will be prepared for the Beaver Express.
The Beavers have been busy fireproofing the Mansell dam in anticipation of the speedy Allderdice fireballers. The pond builders defense is one of the best we have seen in years – fast, athletic and most importantly; healthy. Senior Ryan Pasternak is the anchor while the speedy Kenny Garvey quickly tracks down intruders with punishing efficiency.
Offensively, the Beaver Express just keeps rolling. They have adapted to the man coverage opponents have thrown at them by mixing in a solid running game, quick screens and the deep ball threat. The O-Line has afforded gunslinger Matt Miller plenty of time to diagnose the defensive disease he faces each week. He is currently 2nd in the state in passing yards per game averaging 315, and receiver Kyle Hopson has quietly worked himself into the state’s leading receiver spot with 729 yards on 37 receptions.
Yes, the pond builders will give up a few big plays due to the speed of the flying fire breathers, but in the end our furry warriors will emerge slightly scorched but victorious. DuBois 49, Allderdice 35.

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Into The Dragons Den…

Written By: Beaver Swami - Sep• 20•16

Our furry warriors head to the Dragon Den in Warren after a convincing win at home against Oil City propelling them to 2-2 on the season. Matt Miller is back at the helm of the Beaver Express, and although he showed some early signs of rust, his O-Line, receivers and running backs quickly polished him up in route to an 18/23, 372 yard, 5 touchdown performance against the Roughnecks. The receiving corps, led by Senior Braden Paulenellie, is one of the deepest, most effective groups in recent history; and the running back by committee featuring Brock Adams and Dalton Kruzelak has proven to be an effective 1-2 punch. Receiver Kyle Hopson finished the game with 10 catches for 229 yards and is making a statement as one of the top receivers in the state. The pond builder’s defense is much improved and is quick to repair the holes punched in the dam by our opponents.
Little is known about the Dragons, it has been many years since these 2 have faced off so anticipation hangs thick in the air. The lone win for the fire breathers came against Erie East and they lost a close match with franklin 27-24. Individual stats reveal no stars; they appear to work on an evenly distributed team approach to the game.
The Swami would like to predict a close one, but in the end the Beaver Express will wear down the dragons. DuBois 56, Warren 14.

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JV Schedule Change

Written By: DuBois Football - Sep• 15•16

The JV game for Monday, September 19th has been changed from 6pm start time to 4pm start time.

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No Oil In The Pond…

Written By: Beaver Swami - Sep• 12•16

The Beavers look to bounce back to their winning ways as the Oil City Oilers trek their way to the E.J. Mansell Beaver Pond and will attempt to drill their way through the dam. Sitting at 1-2, our furry gridiron gang knows the importance of sending the roughnecks packing and moving forward with a .500 record. However, the Oilers do not plan to go gently into that goodnight; in 2015 the roughnecks played tough against our tree shredders; instilling a sense of swagger in the Northcentral oilfields.

Last week, the Beavers defense was once again torn apart by the Meadville running game and the offense couldn’t seem to get in sync in both the passing and running games. You can bet that the Oilers were taking notes and would like nothing more than to copy/paste the Meadville game plan!

As they return home to the pond, our buck tooth bandits are anxious to show the home town fans that their swagger is still intact! Some good news for the Beavers as Matt Miller will make his 2016 debut calling the signals and Braden Paulenellie will return to his familiar receiver/tailback duties. For the past 3 weeks, Miller has looked more like a rabid raccoon pacing the sidelines than a Beaver – he is itching for some action.

The Swami feels that if the Beaver defense remembers how they played against Clearfield and Conneaut, a potential blowout could be in the making. But we will remain conservative and say DuBois 42, Oil City 28.

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Beavers Make the Week 2 Teams to Watch in the 4A Rankings

Written By: DuBois Football - Sep• 08•16


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