Written By: cfrench - Jun• 23•14

The Beavers shocked the WPIAL by defeating AAAA North Allegheny on Saturday and rattling of 4 straight wins before being stopped by 7 on 7 powerhouse Clairton.  The Pitt 7 on 7 tournament is a regional staple for the Pittsburgh area and offers a preview of the best offenses in Pennsylvania. For DuBois the event provided an experienced offense the opportunity to test their metal. The Beavers offense returns several senior starters,  Devin Clark RB, Wide Recievers Bryson Paulinellie, Cole Kriner, and Kevin Foley.  Quarterback Gabe French is back to pull the trigger giving the Beavers a formidable look for 2014. DuBois will see action again at Lehigh on July 12th.

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Swami’s 2014 Schedule Review

Written By: Beaver Swami - Feb• 26•14

From winter’s polar grip the first sign of spring walks silently on the crust of the slowly melting snow.  Always careful to have the sun at his back and the wind in his face, the great shaman approaches unnoticed.  The orator brings word of the return of the sun and with it the first glimpse of a new season.  It is a season that has been beefed up and front loaded for the return of quality Beaver roster.

DuBois ended its 2013 season with a loss to a strong Mifflin County squad.  In 2014 the Beavers have come full circle, starting exactly where last season ended, in a dog fight with  Mifflin County.  The Huskies reload for week 1 as the Beavers travel to Lewistown for the AAAA showdown.   DuBois continues to work through the winter and they have the Huskies in their crosshairs.  After two straight losses to Mifflin County the Beavers are looking for an upset in week 1 that will announce their presence as a playoff contender. 

In Week 2 DuBois returns to Meadville to face a high powered running game.  The Bulldogs return 37 underclassmen in 2014, a fact that should prove to be more than a challenge for DuBois who had difficulty stopping the squad a year ago.

Week 3 provides an upgrade to the schedule.  Conneaut Area Senior High comes to Mansell for a showdown with DuBois.  CASH is a new district created from a merger of three schools, Conneaut Lake, Conneaut Valley, and Linesville.   The merger created a formidable opponent as General McLane found when they landed on the short end of a 41-40 shootout.  The Eagles finished 7-4 a year ago and are looking to go Beaver hunting.

Early Polls have Erie Cathedral Prep ranked in the state’s top 10 once more.  The school’s ability to attract the best athletes the region has to offer means they will be reloading not rebuilding.  Erie is a perennial state semifinalists and one year removed from a PIAA state championship.  Week 4 will be the opportunity of a lifetime for the Beaver Express as it heads north for its shot at the Champ.  Ding Ding!

No season would be complete without one of the oldest rivalries in the state.   The Beavers hit the road for the fourth time in just five weeks as they travel to Punxsutawney. The grudge match should be a good one as Punxy returns a host of starters in 2014 making the showdown one that will be unpredictable this season.

Oil City has traded blows with DuBois over the last 4 seasons.  The latest knockdown came last year when they defeated DuBois at Mansell, holding off a late drive by the Beavers.  The squad has payback in mind as the Oilers return to Mansell in Week 6.

Weeks 7 and 8 offer two opponents the Beavers have owned over the past three seasons.  Bradford and Franklin are both teams that return a strong group of skilled players.  Both squads hope to add to their quality through the growth of underclassmen talent.  Undoubtedly they will be much improved but it is doubtful they will be able to affect the Beaver Express.  

The final two games of the season are both upgrades to the schedule and offer formidable opponents for DuBois.  In Week 9 the Beavers will face General McLane a team who defeated a strong Slippery Rock Squad 35-15, Erie Strong Vincent 30-14 and Oil City 31-21. GM is a solid playoff caliber opponent that should help the Beavers get ready for the post season.

The final opponent of the year replaces Brookville on the schedule.  Karns City finished 12-2 on the season with their two loses being to State Semifinalist Clarion and PIAA State Champion South Fayette.  KC destroyed all other opponents on the season including Oil City who defeated DuBois.  Karns City should be a strong opponent to end the Regular Season.

The Swami likes 2014 and looks forward to a group that is One Team, Unstoppable, Immovable, and Unbeatable.  Time to go to work boys!



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Thank You Seniors

Written By: cfrench - Oct• 19•13

Class of 2014 Best wishes to you and your families


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Written By: cfrench - Sep• 28•13

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Written By: cfrench - Sep• 09•13

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Win the Game Ball

Written By: cfrench - Sep• 01•13

You can win the game ball at all DuBois home football games.   Wendy’s has teamed up with DuBois Football to give you a chance to take home the pigskin.  As a bonus drawing to the  evening’s  50/50  Wendy’s Manager Larry Buchanan wants you to have a ball on Friday nights.

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Game Day Radio!

Written By: cfrench - Aug• 30•13

Beaver fans on the road, stuck at work, or just spending Friday night at home can follow the beavers LIVE on Q102.






Then following Friday’s game wrap up on the Q, go to d9sports.com to get up to date scores  and player interviews from around district 9.  Just click the link below.



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Attention Parents

Written By: cfrench - Aug• 22•13

The DuBois Area Touchdown Club asks that all parents volunteer for at least one  concession and one 50/50 service.  Proceeds will be used to feed your child on away games, provide for their banquet meal and purchase them a team apparel gift to be determined.  Only players who have parents sign up for two events will be eligible to receive the official team apparel as it will not be sold to the public.  Jr. High parents are asked to help at varsity home games and High School parents are asked to work JV and Jr. High games.

Please contact

Lois Good at 590 5817 to sign up for concession

Brad Guiher at 591 7972 for 50/50


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Media Contact

Written By: cfrench - Jul• 11•13

Any AP or media sources requiring individuals or team pictures, roster data, statistics, or additional information can contact duboisfootball.com at president@duboisfootball.com.

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The Art of War

Written By: Beaver Swami - Jun• 19•13

Sun Tzu the ancient Chinese warlord once said that “Victorious  warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first  and then seek to win.” The 2013 Beaver Football Schedule is out and it is formidable.  In the array of dates several games stand out.  The Beavers begin their year with a bang when they host AAAA power Mifflin County in what could be a barn burner.  Mifflin county will be both large and fast in 2013.  In week two the boys will travel to Franklin which should permit them time to heal after week one.  In week three Mansel Stadium will be packed for the Punxsutawney DuBois rivalry.  The Chucks will be a stronger team in 2013 as they add a talented group of underclassmen to their mix.  The DuBois ninth grade squad’s only loss was to Punxy in 2012.  Oil City should be a formidable test in 2013 as they return all key personnel.  Their athletic merger with Cranberry could create problems for the Beavers in September.   Homecoming delivers the owls to the big lights and they would prefer the darkness.  The game should be a warm up for the squads biggest game of the season when the Beavers travel to Morgantown to face West Virginia’s 5th ranked powerhouse.   The game should kick off a tough stretch for the remainder of 2013.  In week seven the team travels to what could be an undefeated Brookville squad.  The Beavers then host Warren in week eight, travel to the Meadville pit to face a very fast Bull Dog squad and finishes with a grudge match with Slippery Rock.  The Rockets are the only team on the schedule that coach Varischetti is yet to beat.

Playoffs! You want to talk about Playoffs! Well no doubt the Little Lions will be waiting.  The Swami has a July message from Sun Tzu “The general is skillful in attack whose opponent does not know what to defend;  and he is skillful in defense whose opponent does not know what to  attack.” Swami likes the Beavers Weapons in 2013…….. 10-0 and ding, ding, another shot at the title. Time to go to work boys!

Friday 08/30/13 Mifflin County High School Home 7:00PM

Friday 09/06/13 Franklin Area High School Away 7:00PM

Friday 09/13/13 Punxsutawney Area High School Home 7:00PM

Friday 09/20/13 Oil City Senior High School Home 7:00PM

Friday 09/27/13 Bradford Area High School (HOMECOMING) Home 7:00PM

Friday 10/04/13 Morgantown High School Away 7:30PM

Friday 10/11/13 Brookville Area High School Away 7:00PM

Friday 10/18/13 Warren Area High School Home 7:00PM

Friday 10/25/13 Meadville High School Away 7:00PM

Friday 11/01/13 Slippery Rock Area HS Away 7:00PM

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