The Gray Twilight

Written By: Beaver Swami - Oct• 22•14

The cowboy like persona of President Theodore Roosevelt resonates through history.  His brash leadership and exuberant personality moved the multitudes and restored balance to the country.  Roosevelt’s defiant demeanor always left his chips ride believing that with great risk comes great reward. 

General McLane will arrive in the gray twilight of Mansell Stadium this Friday.  Their entrance sets the stage for a great showdown of contrasting styles of play.  GM is a program that is known for having a strong defense and a running game that exhibits power, speed, and trickery.  Their triple option is in sharp contrast to the Beavers’ high flying express.   The match-up is a great challenge for DuBois who beefed up their 2014 schedule to prepare for the post season. 

The Beavers two earlier losses were to common opponents of the Lancers.  A week ago McLane shocked district 10 when it trailed state powerhouse Cathedral Prep by only 7 at the half.  GM also pounded Conneaut 55-28 a team that defeated DuBois 36-35 in OT.  The Beavers have improved greatly since their early season losses.  In both cases the team has become tougher and smarter.   With Head Coach Frank Varischetti in the booth and quarterback Gabe French taking full advantage of a 25 second clock at the line of scrimmage, the Beavers are shifting gears on the fly.  The result has been a diverse running attack and a take what you give them passing game that now ranks number 2 in the state.

On the defensive side of the ball Coach Pasternak has his Beavers  forcing turnovers and laying down the hits.  The squad has improved every week and they are preparing to attack the triple option head on.  The linebackers can expect to be busy this week as McLane has had no problem moving the ball on just about every opponent.  With a triple threat offense themselves, Slippery Rock was the only exception and the answer might be found in a defense that practices against the offense every day.

Well Beaver fans the schedule is fresh out of cupcakes so come to the game and buy some popcorn.  As Theodore Roosevelt once said “Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.”  Swami likes Victory  DuBois 42-33.

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Beaver Express #2

Written By: cfrench - Oct• 21•14

The DuBois Beavers are rolling.  Coach Varischetti’s Beaver Express is picking up speed as the end of the regular season approaches.  DuBois’ offense trails only Clairton on the states scoring list published by  Those numbers come at a record setting pace for the Beaver roster.  On a statewide bases Quarterback Gabe French’s career yards of 6963  trails NFL quarterback Chad Henne’s  7071 yards by only 108 to become the third best AAAA passer in PIAA history.  On the school’s leader board running back Devin Clark needs  a single touchdown to slide ahead of former Beaver Shawn Hanzley to become #3 in career touchdowns.  Also looking up at the board this week is wide receiver Cole Kriner who’s 749 passed Max Hine’s 682 single season yardage mark a week ago and now sits at #4 all time. Cole needs another 135 yards to reach #3 Greg Kennis a feat which is very possible with the numbers French is putting up.  Breathing down Kriner’s neck are Junior Dante Dawson with 612 yards and Senior Kevin Foley with 503 yards.  Both sit only a fortunate evening away from the record themselves.  In career receiving touchdowns Dawson has attained 15TDs and Kriner 14 TDs total.  Both should surpassed Greg Kennis’ 15 TDs at their current pace and possibly Max Hine and Bill Kulbacki who sit at third all time with  16 career TDs.  Mike Sedor’s 17 TDs at # 2 isn’t out of the question either the way French and the 3 amigos light up the scoreboard.  There are a lot of stories as the season reaches its peak including some great matchups with General McLane, Karns City and most likely State College.  Get your calculator and your seat cover this finale is going to be a good one.


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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling!

Written By: cfrench - Oct• 21•14

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Franklin Falls to Express

Written By: Beaver Swami - Oct• 19•14



















































The DuBois Beavers are oiling the machine to get ready for a season’s end to remember.  Unfortunately for Franklin they were the grease.  Each week the Beavers seem to face a different philosophy on how to stop their offensive prowess.  They’ve learned from losses to Conneaut and Cathedral Prep having made their system extremely flexible and decisive.  With coach Varischetti in the press box and quarterback Gabe French taking his time at the line of scrimmage to look defenses over the Beavers are a force to be reckoned with.   Receivers  Cole Kriner, Dante Dawson, Kevin Foley and the latest addition Nick Labrasca seem to be feasting on blitzes and turning short and long passes into touchdowns.  The offensive line of  Peterson, Good,  Luther, Pasternak and Foradora are keeping French standing tall and his jersey clean.  In addition power back Devin Clark has proved to be more than a runner, transitioning into a dual threat, demonstrating the ability to catch passes out of the backfield in addition to is quality as a runner, two factors that college coaches should find appealing.

In Friday’s game DuBois demonstrated how versatile their offense is with 8 players finding the endzone.  Quarterback Gabe French was 19 of 23 with six touchdowns, finding Dawson for 2TD, Clark for 1TD, Foley for 1TD, Kriner for 1TD and TE Nick Labrasca for his first as a Beaver. In addition French ran for a TD, Clark followed with 2 TDs, then Chad O’Donnell and Zack Sloan both found pay dirt to ice the game.  The Beavers racked up over 600 yards of offense with French’s 427 yards erasing the record board which is now written in chalk following Varischetti’s arrival.

On the defensive side of the ball DuBois pressured the quarterback and stuffed the run most of the evening.  The squad also produced three interceptions a trend that seems to be finding traction lately. Adam Banovich, Devin Clark and Wes Russell made the Knights pay the toll for trying to keep pace with the Beaver Express.

Kicker Jared Meinert has been a pleasant surprise for the Beavers as practice makes perfect.  Meinert has turned into a solid kicker for the fast pace offense.

With the General McLane coming town this week DuBois’ 77 to 21 thumping of Franklin was a good warm up for the squad.  There are no cupcakes from this point forward which should prove to be extremely exciting for football fans from around the area.

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We’re Back!

Written By: cfrench - Oct• 19•14

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A Stacked Deck

Written By: cfrench - Oct• 16•14

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The Absence of Color

Written By: Beaver Swami - Oct• 15•14

Black is the color of authority and power.  Like a timeless black hole it absorbs all frequency within the visible spectrum and commands submission unto its will.  Black wields an overpowering presence, aloof and dark.  The absence of color shakes the nerve and like a priest walks with grace and wisdom.  Black is the color of the Beaver now and with the setting Sun the journey into season’s final tunnel begins.  From this point forward the DuBois Seniors have put away their white and openly embrace their hueless achromatic garb. 

Friday night the Franklin Black Knights will step into the bright lights of EJ Mansell Stadium.  Awaiting them before a packed crowd will be a dark ominous presence eager for a scuffle.  DuBois is on a roll and finding their stride at the right time.  The team has a swagger and it comes from their ability to take what a team gives them.   They are confident in their ability to make adjustments on fly both offensively and defensively. 

Similar in talent and scheme to Bradford, Franklin has found some ability to run the ball but little success at stopping it. Swami believes DuBois’s read option offense will provide lots of fireworks on the ground.  A year ago running back Devin Clark rushed for 5 touchdowns against the Knights.  This season French’s ability to run should open up even bigger holes for Clark which means an abundance of yards for the power back and a few more touchdowns as well.   Look for the Beaver Defense to demonstrate their growing aggression Friday night.  The defensive line will be missing dominate Robert Zillhaver for the season but a platoon of senior talent will find its way into the lineup and should keep the pass rush fresh.  Swami thinks that the men in black will pitch a shutout and look for a running clock once the Beaver Express gets rolling.  The Beavers like the absence of color and they will have no need for a punter ….DuBois 62- Franklin 0.

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Coming home this Friday

Written By: cfrench - Oct• 14•14

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Take What’s Given 55-7

Written By: Beaver Swami - Oct• 12•14

The Beavers are coming home victorious after five long bus rides in just 7 weeks. The seniors my have worn white for the last time with the final three games being played in front of a packed Mansell crowd.  In addition the Beavers should hold the higher seed in the 6-9 region which means they will most likely choose to adorn black.  Friday night the Beavers demonstrated how to take what a team gives you.  Bradford’s effective running game attempted to grind out the clock by moving the chains while  a deep cover two and cover three zone package would force the Beavers to shorten their passing attack and increase their running attempts. Unfortunately the plan worked as Devin Clark, Chad O’Donnel, Wes Russel, Dante Dawson, Zack Sloan, and Gabe French combined for 276 yards rushing with French completing  16 of 18 for 288.  The team would not punt on the night racking up 55 points despite the Owls ability to control the clock with their running game.  The Beavers would bend on defense but managed to keep Bradford from putting points on the board following their opening drive. Despite controlling the clock the Owls were unable to stop the Beavers with defense or penalties.  After the Owls long methodical opening scoring drive French would hit Dawson with a quick pass on the Beavers first play making it 7 all.  The play demonstrated how dangerous the no huddle offense can be with the quarterback getting a good look at your game plan prior to the snap.  Varischetti has a veteran team that he has trained well to take what a team gives you and it is a team that wants the ball.  In a post game interview with the Bradford Era French may have said it best when he was asked what he feels the Beaver’s strength is…he responded ” Our strength is that we have no real weakness”.

The Beavers return home to face Franklin this week in another Region 5 matchup.  The early forecast is sunny and a beautiful 62 degrees at kick off so come on out and welcome the Beavers home.

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Written By: cfrench - Oct• 09•14

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