Answers to Big Questions

Written By: cfrench - Aug• 16•14

Entering 2014  several questions loomed large for the Beaver football nation.  Following the departure of “Jigs” DeSantis in the off season a void was created on the DuBois staff at Defensive Coordinator.  That position was handled  in house by Coach Varischetti with the promotion of Chuck Pasternak to the role.  Handling the change in house enabled the team to transition without distractions as they regroup in the trenches.  Saturday’s scrimmage against Holidaysburg offered DuBois coaches the opportunity to evaluate the offensive and defensive lines following the graduation of 7 starting lineman.  At linebacker Adam Bankovich and Devin Clark were joined by a host of newcomers as Pasternak searches for the right mix to stop the run and keep Varischetti’s Beaver Express on the field and rolling.  Holidaysburg provided a quality challenge for the boys who put in a solid performance on both sides of the ball.  Offensively the team looked strong both running and passing the football.  Defensively there was a lot for coaches to be pleased with.  In addition to their play the Beavers seem to be very united, high spirited, and willing to take time to enjoy the moment together.  This is a team with character and characters.   Saturday DuBois will travel to Clearfield to wrap up their preseason in preparation for Mifflin County in week 1.

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Prelude to a Season

Written By: Beaver Swami - Aug• 12•14

Summer’s warmth is fleeting, clear nights give way to cool breezes and an eclectic mass of jerseys can be seen in the distance.  The shrill piercing echo of a coach’s whistle bounces around the hillside creating order form chaos.   Two-a-days provide a staff with a snapshot of their team’s metal.  Greatness is formed when individuals are able to merge their skills and goals as a single entity.  The 2014 DuBois Beavers are a tight knit group of players that have found their identity. Like a great prize fighter the squad is leaner and meaner.   It is a group that has been battle tested and prepared for a season that offers stout challengers and great entertainment for the fans.   The role of underdog is a part that this band of brothers is comfortable with.  The 2014 schedule features new ranked matchups with #2 Erie Cathedral Prep, #7 Karns City, and #9 General McLane.  In addition DuBois adds Conneaut Valley a school who defeated General McLane in 2013.  Mifflin County and Oil City were responsible for 3 of the Beavers losses in 2013 and both are on the schedule again this fall.  Meadville and Punxsutawney return the majority of their rosters and both games are on the road which could make for one heck of a track meet.  Only Bradford and Franklin offer a reprieve from big game expectations.  The Beavers will have their work cut out for them but Coach Varischetti has all the right pieces in the right places.  It is a team with strong veteran leadership and no glaring weakness.  In 2014 the Beavers will test their metal against the best the state has to offer and Swami believes on August 29th at Mifflin County all will know their quality.   

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Written By: cfrench - Aug• 11•14

Each year Mansell Stadium welcomes a new class of Beavers to its turf.  The excitement of the first day is seen in their faces as they put aside their nerves and begin a quest to earn their D.  Welcome to the football family gentlemen.

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Lift-a-thon and Equipment Handout

Written By: cfrench - Jul• 27•14

The 2014 DuBois Football season is here.  All players are asked to participate in the team’s only fundraiser.  The Lift a thon fundraiser supports the 2014 season coach transportation, meals and player gifts.  It is also the only way for players to receive authentic team apparel. Document links can be found below. Lift a thon takes place prior to equipment pick up on your assigned date. Player forms>LIFTATHON 2014  Corporate Forms>LIFTATHON 2014 Corporate Sponsors

 Returning Senior Lettermen Monday August 4th @ 5-6pm

Underclass Returning Letterman/New Seniors  Monday August 4th @ 5:30-6:30pm

      Juniors/ Sophomores Tuesday August 5th @ 5-6:30

Middle School Equipment Freshmen(9th) Wednesday August 6th @ 5-6pm

7th/ 8th Grade Wednesday August 6th @ 5:30-7pm

Remember Physical Forms and Lift-a-Thon Forms

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Impressive Summer

Written By: cfrench - Jul• 26•14

DuBois continues to impress every corner of the state.  In June the Beavers stunned North Allegheny at Pitt’s 7 on 7 while ripping off 4 consecutive wins against the best in Western Pa.  Later in July they finished 2nd at Lehigh’s tournament falling one pass short of a championship.   This week it was Erie Cathedral Prep that found themselves on the short end of a 27-26 loss to the Beavers.   DuBois went on to win the 24 team tournament in Corry.

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Written By: cfrench - Jun• 23•14

The Beavers shocked the WPIAL by defeating AAAA North Allegheny on Saturday and rattling of 4 straight wins before being stopped by 7 on 7 powerhouse Clairton.  The Pitt 7 on 7 tournament is a regional staple for the Pittsburgh area and offers a preview of the best offenses in Pennsylvania. For DuBois the event provided an experienced offense the opportunity to test their metal. The Beavers offense returns several senior starters,  Devin Clark RB, Wide Recievers Bryson Paulinellie, Cole Kriner, and Kevin Foley.  Quarterback Gabe French is back to pull the trigger giving the Beavers a formidable look for 2014. DuBois will see action again at Lehigh on July 12th.

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2014 Schedule

Written By: Beaver Swami - Feb• 26•14



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Win the Game Ball

Written By: cfrench - Sep• 01•13

You can win the game ball at all DuBois home football games.   Wendy’s has teamed up with DuBois Football to give you a chance to take home the pigskin.  As a bonus drawing to the  evening’s  50/50  Wendy’s Manager Larry Buchanan wants you to have a ball on Friday nights.

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Game Day Radio!

Written By: cfrench - Aug• 30•13

Beaver fans on the road, stuck at work, or just spending Friday night at home can follow the beavers LIVE on Q102.








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Attention Parents

Written By: cfrench - Aug• 22•13

The DuBois Area Touchdown Club asks that all parents volunteer for at least one  concession and one 50/50 service.  Proceeds will be used to feed your child on away games, provide for their banquet meal and purchase them a team apparel gift to be determined.  Only players who have parents sign up for two events will be eligible to receive the official team apparel as it will not be sold to the public.  Jr. High parents are asked to help at varsity home games and High School parents are asked to work JV and Jr. High games.

Please contact

Lois Good at 590 5817 to sign up for concession

Brad Guiher at 591 7972 for 50/50


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