Into The Dragons Den…

Written By: Beaver Swami - Sep• 20•16

Our furry warriors head to the Dragon Den in Warren after a convincing win at home against Oil City propelling them to 2-2 on the season. Matt Miller is back at the helm of the Beaver Express, and although he showed some early signs of rust, his O-Line, receivers and running backs quickly polished him up in route to an 18/23, 372 yard, 5 touchdown performance against the Roughnecks. The receiving corps, led by Senior Braden Paulenellie, is one of the deepest, most effective groups in recent history; and the running back by committee featuring Brock Adams and Dalton Kruzelak has proven to be an effective 1-2 punch. Receiver Kyle Hopson finished the game with 10 catches for 229 yards and is making a statement as one of the top receivers in the state. The pond builder’s defense is much improved and is quick to repair the holes punched in the dam by our opponents.
Little is known about the Dragons, it has been many years since these 2 have faced off so anticipation hangs thick in the air. The lone win for the fire breathers came against Erie East and they lost a close match with franklin 27-24. Individual stats reveal no stars; they appear to work on an evenly distributed team approach to the game.
The Swami would like to predict a close one, but in the end the Beaver Express will wear down the dragons. DuBois 56, Warren 14.

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JV Schedule Change

Written By: DuBois Football - Sep• 15•16

The JV game for Monday, September 19th has been changed from 6pm start time to 4pm start time.

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No Oil In The Pond…

Written By: Beaver Swami - Sep• 12•16

The Beavers look to bounce back to their winning ways as the Oil City Oilers trek their way to the E.J. Mansell Beaver Pond and will attempt to drill their way through the dam. Sitting at 1-2, our furry gridiron gang knows the importance of sending the roughnecks packing and moving forward with a .500 record. However, the Oilers do not plan to go gently into that goodnight; in 2015 the roughnecks played tough against our tree shredders; instilling a sense of swagger in the Northcentral oilfields.

Last week, the Beavers defense was once again torn apart by the Meadville running game and the offense couldn’t seem to get in sync in both the passing and running games. You can bet that the Oilers were taking notes and would like nothing more than to copy/paste the Meadville game plan!

As they return home to the pond, our buck tooth bandits are anxious to show the home town fans that their swagger is still intact! Some good news for the Beavers as Matt Miller will make his 2016 debut calling the signals and Braden Paulenellie will return to his familiar receiver/tailback duties. For the past 3 weeks, Miller has looked more like a rabid raccoon pacing the sidelines than a Beaver – he is itching for some action.

The Swami feels that if the Beaver defense remembers how they played against Clearfield and Conneaut, a potential blowout could be in the making. But we will remain conservative and say DuBois 42, Oil City 28.

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Beavers Make the Week 2 Teams to Watch in the 4A Rankings

Written By: DuBois Football - Sep• 08•16

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WPA Week 2 top offensive performers

Written By: DuBois Football - Sep• 08•16

Congrats to Kyle Hopson!

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Rematch of “The Game”

Written By: Beaver Swami - Sep• 06•16

Last year as the pack of Bulldogs came to the pond, we witnessed national and state records fall in droves. For DuBois, Colin Read broke the single game receiving record; Matt Miller set the national record for passing and total yards in a single game as well as tying the national record for touchdowns in a single game. For Meadville, Journey Brown simply owned the turf under his feet as he destroyed the single game state rushing record.

The Bulldogs walked away from the nationally publicized game with a 107-90 victory, the E.J. Mansell pond was drained. The Beavers rebuilt, but were left wondering how a 90 point effort could possibly end in a loss.

So here we are, the story line has been read and now it is time to put on the pads and settle the score. The pond builders defense is athletic, fast and smart – Most importantly, injury free as compared to last year!

The Beavers are 1-1, barely losing to Conneaut in a nail biter; they are confident and poised for one of their best seasons ever. Meadville will enter the game 0-2, thirsting for their first victory of the season. Mr. Journey Brown undoubtedly has a new pair of cleats after burning his up last year, he will be eager to replace them once again.

Another tough call, but if the Beavers can minimize mistakes, they will return to their lodge victorious. No records will be broken this year; it will be a tough battle to be won in the trenches – DuBois 35, Meadville28.

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Aerial Attack #1…

Written By: Beaver Swami - Aug• 31•16

After successfully defending the pond against the Bison herd from Clearfield, The Beavers will have their hands full and their eyes on the sky as the Conneaut Eagles fly to E.J. Mansell Stadium and will attempt to drain the pond. Conneaut has been a powerhouse in District 10 the past few years, and our Beavers have lost to them at home in 2014 and suffering defeat at the eagles nest in 2015. Both years, the stingy Conneaut defense was able to contain the Beavers passing attack, limiting them to just over 200 yards each time.

Both teams have lost key starters who saw action in both the 2014 and 2015 campaigns, so it has become a guessing game at this point. For the pond builders, they will once again be without gunslinger Matt Miller who is dangerously close to returning to action and would like nothing more than to floss his teeth with eagle feathers, but Braden Paulenellie proved week 1 that he is more than capable of calling the signals until Matt is 100% healthy. The Beavers running back by committee approach coupled with some wildcat at the QB position wears down defenses. Most importantly for the Beavers, their defense appears more than capable of defending their dam and they quickly rebuild the occasional holes allowing the offense to get back on the field and swarm opponents. Senior Ryan Pasternak is the elder statesman and undisputed leader of both lines. He is the Beavers tackling leader with 14 total tackles and he is a dominant force at right guard.

The Eagles are coming off a big win against Fairview, and their defense appears to be strong as ever. Talons will be razor sharp as they swoop down into Beaver Town! Conneaut linebacker Aaron Brown is making a case to be the heir apparent defensive go to guy with a forced fumble, recovered fumble, 8 solo and 10 assisted tackles.

Yes, the Swami predicts another hard fought battle at the Beaver pond, but in the end our tree shredders will emerge victorious 35-28!

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Paulenellie is D9 Sports Player of the Week!

Written By: DuBois Football - Aug• 30•16

Congrats to Braden Paulenellie who was named the week 1, D9 Sports Player of the Week! Here is a link to the article:


Paulinellie Named Week 0 Football Player of the Week

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Kings of the Mountain…

Written By: Beaver Swami - Aug• 26•16

Kings of the Mountain…

Yes, the Swami was in attendance at the Mansell Beaver Pond for opening night as the Bison strutted their way into town. For years, DuBois has attempted to welcome them, and year after year our offer was turned down. The PIAA reclassification changed all of that, forcing the bison to graze their way up Rockton Mountain and face the Beaver attack!

They came to the pond as honorable mention in the state rankings, and the majority of sports writers wrote our furry warriors off weeks ago – so willing to jump on the band wagon and declare the Bison Kings of the Mountain. They must not have been paying attention to our summer workouts, looked beyond how well our boys played against 2, 6A powerhouse teams at our scrimmage and started thinking about week 2 of the season assuming the beavers would be 0-1  – but the wheels fell off that band wagon as the Beavers defended their pond and the dam remains intact!

To say this was a team effort is an understatement; a complete triumph is better suited to describe the first of 10 Friday night lights! On both sides of the ball, the tree shredders showed their tenacity – wearing down the Bison. A total and complete team effort! Way to go boys, you are underdogs no more!

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D9 Sports Camp Tour – DuBois

Written By: DuBois Football - Aug• 24•16

Here is the link to the D9 Sports Camp Tour for DuBois

Camp Tour 2016: DuBois – Powered by the RRR Roadhouse

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