Touchdown Club

Written By: DuBois Football

The Touchdown Club’s purpose is to help our players and coaches as well as provide information to parents.  We raise funds through the concession stand at home footballs games and during playoffs held at Mansell Stadium.

We provide funding for the coach buses, food during 2 a days, pizzas and drinks for after away games, the camera and equipment for filming, extra equipment, coaches apparel, and senior night gifts.  We also organize the football banquet, purchase the gifts for the banquet and seniors, purchase the gifts for senior night, and the posters for the seniors.

We have set up a Remind account that will allow us to contact parents with game updates, direction updates, and other important information related to the football program and booster club.

We ask that ever parent signs up to work in the concession stand for at least 2 games to help the booster club support your child.  You are able to choose which games will work best for you.  We ask Junior High parents to work Varsity and JV games, Varsity parents who do not have a student playing JV to work JV or Junior High/9th grade,  JV parents to work Varsity (if you student does not play varsity) and Junior High/9th grade games.  We also have 50/50 as well as the set up of the helmet at the beginning of Varsity games for which we need help.  Please be fair to all parents and do a turn in the concession stand not just 50/50.

Please remember the more help we have the less work for everyone.  Please remember the volunteer work that is done is for the students.

We truly appreciate all the help our fabulous parents give us.

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